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Adjunctive Cancer Care
Most of us have been confronted by a diagnosis of cancer, either in ourselves or in a loved one. My oldest brother Bob passed away from malignant melanoma. My husband was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer in 2009. Many of my patients have come to me with a variety of cancers in different locations, including skin, breast, colon, kidneys and prostate. Some of the cancers had metastasized to other places, including bones and liver. The one thing most cancer patients have in common is a feeling of helplessness as oncologists treat the cancer as best they can, but fail to treat the person who has the cancer, or to provide a risk benefit analysis unique to that person’s circumstance when considering treatment options.

In conventional medical oncology, a cancer is considered to have been successfully treated when it is no longer present after surgical, chemotherapeutic, hormonal, and/or radiation treatment regimes have been completed. Oncologists typically do not address the conditions which gave rise to and promoted the cancer in the first place.

The adjunctive cancer care I offer

  1. addresses intrinsic and extrinsic factors which promote the development of cancer;
  2. considers the impact of lifestyle;
  3. offers nutritional, botanical and energetic therapies to protect the body from the negative impacts of conventional treatments and promotes the efficacy of those treatments;
  4. supports patients in regaining immune competency and restoring quality of life after treatment has been completed; and
  5. helps prevent the recurrence of cancer.

Questions Patients Ask

  • How can complementary medicine help me now that I have been diagnosed with cancer?
  • Can you help me sort out the many treatments suggested to me by friends and family?
  • What can I do to protect myself from the side effects of my cancer treatment?
  • How can I support my immune function and enhance the efficacy of the treatment protocol suggested to me?
  • My doctor says I am tired because of the therapies I have received. What can I do to regain my energy?
  • Is there a way to address the underlying cause of the cancer, so that this doesn’t happen to me again?


What patients and colleagues say about Dr. Connie

Joanne De NobrigaIn December 2009 I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. Through regular phone consultations with Dr Connie Hernandez, we were able to create a suitable protocol to support my body through surgery, talk through the emotional aspects of the diagnosis and together weave a holistic approach to my healing journey. She was able to tap into my needs on many different levels and worked with me to identify what was most important and likely to be effective. Her warm voice enveloped me in love, while her ability to pick up emotions through the phone and her listening on many levels, provided a strong basis on which to build a protocol. Dr Connie's wisdom, her genuine care for her clientele, her breadth of knowledge and her integrity create a vibration of support that is exemplary, whether on the phone or face to face. With her guidance I am well on the way to recovery and am in deep appreciation of her love and her support.

-- Joanne, London, England

JosephA few years back, my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Also, forseveral years hislabs had shown a high white blood cell count. Nothing was ever said or done by his medical doctors,NOTHIN and no follow upeither, just a shrug of the head.On first glance at his labs, Dr. Connie was concerned enough to send him to a hematologist. Her suspicions were confirmed, as he was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Dr. Connie determined his cellular nutritional deficiencies and suggested supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes, and cutting edge cancer therapies. Today my husband’s health is excellent.I am always amazed at Dr. Connie’s spot on gift to findthecause and treat with a natural and scientific approach. To top it off, most of my husband’s care was done via long distance phone consults. Amazing! If you’re looking to get rid of medical issues and get healthy, Dr. Connie is the gifted healer you are looking for.

-- Patrice about her husband, Joseph, Penn Valley, California

CarolWhen I was diagnosed with breast cancer my life flipped upside down. I went to Dr C on my sisters recommendation. I was a little apprehensive as I had never been to a naturopathic doctor before. Dr C was amazing. She treated me as a whole person. She listened to my thoughts and fears and then prescribed naturopathic remedies to boost my immune system and reduce my stress and prepare me for my surgery. I have never felt so healthy despite my cancer diagnosis. Dr C has a combination of so much research and knowledge as well as a way of treating you with so much care and respect.

-- Carol, Los Gatos, California.


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