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In 2007 my husband and fellow naturopathic doctor, Marcel, and I journeyed to Bangkok, Thailand for screening health care at one of the most highly rated hospitals in the world. I had a mammogram and a breast ultrasound, both of which were completely clear.

A few months later at a medical conference in Las Vegas, Dr. Chi, a brilliant practitioner of Eastern Medicine, read my tongue and fingernails, informed me that I was at a very high risk for breast cancer and suggested a treatment protocol. I thought that was ridiculous, given my clear screening tests and my perceived state of hormonal balance.

Coincidentally, my office had purchased breast thermography equipment and, as I was being trained by Dr. Robert Kane in my office to do breast thermography, we discovered that one of my breasts had a very high risk rating for breast cancer. Using thermography, I was able to track the efficacy of my naturopathic treatment protocols over 3 month intervals of time and I am happy to report that my breast cancer risk rating in both breasts is now quite low.

“Colored thermographic images reflect temperature changes before and after three months treatment”


“Black and white thermographic images reflect changes in vasculature before and after treatment.”

Color Thermography

Black & White Thermography

Although breast thermography is not something that can be provided in absentia, it is of enormous importance in well woman care and breast cancer prevention. Breast thermography allows us to do a breast cancer risk analysis for each breast, to assess the effects of hormones on the breasts, and to track the efficacy of treatment protocols in addressing conditions of the breast and preventing breast cancer.

It is important to note here that neither mammograms nor breast thermography can diagnose breast cancer. The only diagnostic for breast cancer is breast biopsy.

Click here for more information on breast thermography.

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and are interested in a breast thermography exam at our Palo Alto Clinic.

What patients and colleagues say about Dr. Connie

DayaDr Connie is one of the most knowledgeable naturopathic doctors on the West Coast about women's health.† As the Director of the Breast Health Project, I get to interview some of the brightest minds in women’s health and cancer care in the country.† After getting to know Dr Connie, I not only rely heavily on her knowledge and wisdom in guiding the Project, but I also see her personally.† Her combined skills of wisdom and curiosity keep her current and open in this rapidly changing field.† Still she is so steeped in knowledge from years of practice that you know you are in the presence of a master when you work with her.

-- Daya Fisch

Dr. Robert KaneDr. Connie’s dedication to wellness and high quality personalized care for women makes her the perfect provider to offer breast thermography services. As our culture begins to shift our thinking from disease to wellness, Dr. Connie combines state of the art thermography and a mastery of natural medicine to help women make smart effective choices to reduce their risk of cancer and promote breast health. An exceptionally high standard of care is demonstrated by her certified technicians who go above and beyond to insure all necessary protocols have been followed during each examination so we know the images are accurate and reliable. Dr. Connie exemplifies how thermography should be performed and more importantly, how it should be used to prevent disease by promoting wellness.

-- Robert L. Kane, DC, DABCT, FIACT – The Voice of Thermography


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