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Dr. Connie at the Front Desk, Pacific NaturopathicHow does the opinion of a naturopathic doctor differ from the conventional medical opinion?

Naturopathic doctors differ from conventional medical doctors in their approach to evaluation and treatment. We are trained to seek and treat the underlying cause of disease and to evaluate connections between body systems. For example, healthy skin is dependent on a healthy digestive system. Cholesterol levels are dependent on thyroid and liver function. Adrenal function impacts thyroid function. The health of the body is dependent on the health of the mind. It’s all about interrelationships.

Though both disciplines treat chronic and acute disease, naturopathic doctors focus on prevention, health maintenance and optimal health.  We help you understand what is happening to your body, why it is happening, and what you can do about it. Diagnostically, naturopathic doctors use conventional laboratory analysis, as well as complementary approaches offered by specialty labs. Our treatment protocols favor natural remedies. We treat the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. You are more than the sum of your parts!

Why my opinion?

I have been in active practice as a naturopathic doctor for almost twenty years. I co-founded the Brattleboro Naturopathic Clinic, Pacific Naturopathic in Palo Alto, California, and the Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center in Kapulena, Hawaii. I have the scientific background of 5 years of post graduate naturopathic medical school, a background in cross cultural medicine from years of living overseas, and a background in vibrational and energy medicine from years of spiritual training. I have counseled and consulted with people of many different cultures, both in person and over phone lines. I am confident that, in partnering with you, I can contribute to your health and wellbeing.

Who would benefit from a phone consultation?

Many people find themselves living in an area where there is limited access to medical care in general, let alone naturopathic care. Or perhaps there is care available, but you would like a second opinion. While I cannot, from a distance, serve as your primary care doctor, I can offer you a different perspective, suggest alternative approaches and solutions, and guide you in your journey.

What can a phone consultation do for you?
  1. Help you understand the variables to consider when working with your specialists, be they gynecologist, oncologist, dermatologist, rheumatologist, gastroenterologist, psychiatrist, or other.
  2. Give you an opinion on what kind of testing might help you better understand your particular situation.
  3. Advise you on the usefulness of specialty laboratory evaluations.
  4. Interpret lab values in the context of optimal health, rather than pathology alone.
  5. Work with you to prioritize steps in your care and formulate questions for your medical office visits.
  6. Explore possible underlying causes for your condition.
  7. Inform you as to alternative treatment protocols.
  8. Educate you on nutritional and botanical options relevant to your condition.
  9. Comment on natural protocols you may be considering

Frequent questions asked and answered in consultations

  • I have autoimmune disease, but I’m worried that the medications prescribed for me are suppressing my symptoms and hurting me in other ways. Is there any other option in working with autoimmunity?
  • I think I have food allergies, but the skin scratch test performed by my allergist was negative. Is there another way to understand my reactions and my digestive problems?
  • I am interested in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. How should I be tested? What are the risks and benefits of the varying hormone replacement protocols? What if my therapy is not working for me?
  • I’m menopausal and suffering, but I don’t want to take hormones. Are there any natural options?
  • I believe I have a thyroid problem, but my doctor says I’m fine. How can I have my thyroid function assessed more accurately, and what treatments are available?
  • I have had a bone density exam, and my doctor is recommending a medication I don’t want to take. Is there any natural way to increase bone density and to assess whether the protocol I am following is actually working?
What is involved in a consultation, and how do I arrange a consultation?

Click on Contact & Scheduling for specific information on consultations and on contacting me.

What patients and colleagues say about Dr. Connie

GailI have had a series of medical challenges and have gone to doctors (MDs) in my area of rural southern Missouri. I have not been able to find solutions. I had heard Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND, was one of the very best in naturopathic medicine. I was surprised and pleased to learn that she could work with me on the telephone. I began phone consultations with Dr. Connie in the fall of 2009. After the first session, while going over her suggestions, I was amazed at how many specific, workable solutions she was able to offer me. I have continued to benefit from our one-hour sessions on a regular basis. Despite the fact that I live in a rural area with very limited medical resources, I am now able to receive some of the finest medical advice available.

Dr. Connie Hernandez listens to me in a respectful, compassionate manner, and she gives clear and thoughtful advice. She does this in a way that makes me feel comfortable and relaxed about sharing difficult health challenges. She includes me, as a team member, in the building of solutions (which all doctors should do, but I have not experienced this, until now). She advises and helps me set short and long-term strategies. She has offered and explained specific, detailed testing advice that assists me with a major health concern -- no other medical doctor has ever done this for me. All the while, she considers my personal situation and looks at options that include what I can afford, or find available, in my area. After each session, she mails me a copy of her well-organized notes. My doctor-visits-by-phone have been successful -- I am healthier, and have real handles on what to do for my future healing. I have a new level of optimism -- because I have a warm-hearted Naturopathic Doctor Connie on my team.

-- Gail, Missouri


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