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How long is a consultation and what is involved?

Initial consultations with general questions are scheduled for 60 minutes. Dr. Connie will discuss naturopathic testing and treatment options for your health concerns. Cost of a one-hour initial consult is $200.

Initial consultations with review of personal records are scheduled for 90 minutes. In this type of consultation, Dr. Connie will review your medical history, laboratory results, current protocol, and health concerns. She will suggest naturopathic approaches specific to your situation. Cost is $275.

Follow up consultations are offered in 30-minute increments. A 30-minute follow up consult is $100. A 60-minute follow up is $180.

You will be sent a questionnaire, and specific details regarding your consultation, either by mail or by email.

Does a consultation with you replace a visit with my primary care physician?

The answer is absolutely not. As I am not seeing you in my office, there can be no physical exam, or ongoing routine health care. I can tell you how you might treat bronchitis naturopathically, but I cannot diagnose you with bronchitis, sight unseen. While I can suggest and evaluate treatment protocols, I cannot prescribe conventional medications for you. And while I can suggest how you might obtain relevant and specialized laboratory testing, my ability to order laboratory testing for you is restricted by varying state requirements.

I offer you another perspective: a comprehensive overview of your health concerns; a direction to follow in pursuing alternative testing and treatment; a self help protocol; and recommendations to take back to your primary care doctor or other local health care practitioners.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the specific time commitment for each appointment, our cancellation policy requires a 72-hour advance notice (3 business days). You are paying for a specific block of time with Dr. Connie. We urge you to cancel well in advance if a scheduling conflict arises. The full appointment fee will be charged if we are not given a 72-hour (3 business days) advance notice of cancellation.

We do understand that emergencies occasionally arise, and in that event, on a case-by-case basis, we will consider rescheduling your appointment to a more convenient time.

How do I arrange payment for a consultation?

Due to our cancellation policy, payment is expected in advance of the appointment. Payment is by credit card, cashier’s check, money order, or through a designated paypal account. Details will be provided to you when you schedule.

Will insurance reimburse me for this consultation?

While patients who consult in person in California and Hawaii do receive appropriately coded medical superbills which they can submit for insurance reimbursement, telephone consultations are not considered to be doctor visits, and are not covered by insurance. Additionally, naturopathic medicine is not yet recognized in some states, and is not covered in many states. On request, we provide you with a receipt for your personal records.

How do I arrange for a consultation?

Phone my office in Palo Alto, California to schedule phone consults or California office visits.

Phone my office in Honokaa, Hawaii to schedule Hawaii office visits.

You may also email

**Be aware that this email is used for scheduling and procedural information only. Due to security and billing issues we are not able to answer your health related concerns via email.


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