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Hormonal Issues - Moon CyclesThroughout our lives, male and female, we are influenced by the rhythm of hormonal cycles.

Hormones send messages throughout our bodies and influence nearly everything, from physical well being to mood. I have personally experienced puberty, menstrual cycles, infertility, fertility, pregnancy, nursing and menopause.I was entering menopause as my son became pubescent and my husband andropausal (male menopause).

EstradiolEstradiol Molecule *

Hormones check and balance each other.For most of us, hormonal issues revolve around the adrenals, thyroid, ovaries and testes.If your adrenals are weak, you may need to strengthen them to also strengthen your thyroid.Adrenal stress may aggravate menopausal hot flashes, disrupt blood sugar balance, and impair memory.The thyroid gland is directly influenced by estrogen and progesterone, and thyroid conditions are often missed with conventional laboratory testing. Balance and metabolism of reproductive hormones affects conditions like endometriosis, uterine fibroids, mood, migraine headaches, mind, osteoporosis, cardiovascular health and more.

ProgesteroneProgesterone Molecule *

In naturopathic medicine, we assess and correct hormonal balance and hormonal metabolism.
Through blood tests, saliva tests and/or urine tests we can evaluate the effects of their interactions, and the function of these glands. You can see the effect of hormones on the breast through breast thermography, on the uterus through ultrasound, and so on.

I have treated myself and tracked myself through hormonal passages, and now find my own balance in menopause between bone, breast and heart protection and the alleviation of symptoms such as hot flashes,

TestosteroneTestosterone Molecule *

vaginal dryness, insomnia and memory issues. For myself and for my patients,I use nutritional therapies, botanical therapies, homeopathic medicines and bio-identical hormones.

With regards to menopause, I tell my patients that the only predictable thing about menopause is that it is unique to each individual, as is the treatment of choice. Hormonal transitions are an ongoing process, an opportunity to transition into an optimally creative and healthy state -- a passage.

Questions patients ask

Can I live through menopause without using hormones?
Is there some other way to help my body balance itself?
Is there a standard hormone replacement therapy prescription?
What are bio-identical hormones?
Will hormones help my sex life?
I’m a guy. Do my hormones change, too? What can I do to balance them?
What’s the best way, and when is the best time to test hormones?
Why is there so much talk about adrenal glands?
I think I have a thyroid problem, but my doctor keeps telling me that my thyroid is just fine. Is there some other way to test thyroid function?

What patients and colleagues say about Dr. Connie

Shanti Rubenstone“Dr. Connie is one of the best (if not THE best) functional endocrinology people I know. This says a lot given my experience in so many academic institutions over the years. She is managing at least as many men and women on hormones as I am, and does it all with great academic acumen as well as deep intuitive skill and a wide-open heart. I have never had greater respect for any of my colleagues than I have for this woman. Her practice is not at all limited to endocrinology so please consider seeing her for any and all health issues. This woman is remarkable; a true healer.”

-- Dr. Shanti Rubenstone,

Click here to read the full commentary on Dr. Connie by Dr. Shanti Rubenstone.

MLB“You can’t do better for your medical care than Pacific Naturopathic. †They know everything your doctor knows, plus they know a lot your doctor doesn’t. †I’ve been seeing Dr. Connie for over 15 years, and she has been invaluable in helping me deal with body issues (most recently menopause) using therapies I’d never have known about if all I saw was my gynecologist.† I cannot recommend this place highly enough, especially if the standard medical establishment approaches have not met your needs or you want to know about the many unsuspected alternatives to what your doctors can offer. “

-- Mary Leigh , Mountain View, California

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