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In Gratitude

In my work, I have been enriched by encounters with patients, inspired by colleagues and teachers I admire and respect, and supported by friends near and far. I offer my gratitude to each of them, and am grateful also for the service that each one of them uniquely offers to the world.

I am confident that those of you who have been drawn to my website will be inspired by the visions, projects and services of the wonderful people with whom I am currently working. In this age of interconnectedness, let us weave a web of caring, co-operation, and conscious community.

Click here to access the comments and websites of those who have contributed to this website and to whom I am especially grateful. Below, I list a few more relevant links and websites.


Related links is the website for the Ananda Church of Self Realization, promoting the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. is the website for the non-profit organization Drs. Connie and Marcel initiated to increase accessibility and affordability of natural medicine. (Currently under construction). is a website of conscious community development and involvement in the Hawaiian community in which Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center is located. (Currently under construction.)


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