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Dr. Dhurga with some supplementsPatients have come into my office with as many as three full bags of supplements, a few of which may be harmful, and many of which may not be specifically indicated for the condition they were trying to remedy.

As naturopathic doctors, we receive over a thousand hours of training in medical nutrition. We utilize specialty labs to help us evaluate cellular nutritional deficiencies. We are well educated as to drug nutrient/interactions. We are uniquely qualified to help you choose quality supplements and dose them accurately for your intended purpose. We effectively and positively address many conditions through therapeutic nutritional supplementation and dietary and lifestyle change.

Connie Serving FoodBecause you are unique, there is no “one diet fits all” approach to nutrition. We are uniquely trained to evaluate where you are in the present moment. Beginning with your own dietary preferences, we assist you in developing a nutritional plan that addresses your needs both medically and emotionally.

Beyond working with therapeutic nutritional supplementation, many naturopathic doctors, myself included, are confirmed natural food foodies. I delight in discovering connections between the way in which people eat and the way they feel; in offering patients whole food treatment alternatives for health conditions; in providing simple, yet delicious recipes and meal options for specialty diets; in helping people understand dietary choices and consequences; in relieving the confusion people feel about the many diets promoted through the media. Procuring, preparing and partaking in food should be a nurturing process, not a source of stress.

One of my greatest joys is foraging from our fruit trees and vegetable and herb gardens at Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center, and creating fresh beautiful healthful food. There is a truth to the saying that we are what we eat. And simple choices promote powerful healing.

Questions patients ask:

  • I’m just plain confused by all the diets out there. I don’t know what to eat any more. Is there any easy to understand dietary plan I could follow?
  • What are the main nutritional considerations for my particular condition?
  • Are the supplements I am taking indicated for my concern? Is there a contraindication to taking these supplements along with the medications I am taking?
  • I don’t understand the language on the supplement label. Can you help me be a wise consumer?
  • I cant swallow pills. Can we figure out some way for me to get what I need without my having to take all these supplements?

curcumin teaA recipe for anti-inflammatory tea

At Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center, we grow a beautiful plant known to the Hawaiians as Olena. You may know this plant as turmeric, and the active compound in at as curcumin. Turmeric is widely promoted these days for its anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties, and is in the news for its role in the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease. You’ll find it in bulk at health food stores, in bottles in the spice section most grocery stores, encapsulated by many of the natural pharmacies, and already in tea bags in Okinawan specialty shops.

At our retreat center, we harvest the turmeric root and scrub, boil, dehydrate, shine and grind it to produce a lovely golden yellow powder. Turmeric tea is made by adding the powder to boiling water and simmering the mixture for five minutes. Add one teaspoon turmeric powder to two cups of water. While some strain the tea, we prefer not to, as our turmeric is a coarser powder that is deliciously chewy. As the medicinal dose of turmeric powder is 2 to 4 grams daily, we also make a much stronger tea. We add coconut cream, as the fat enhances the absorption of the turmeric, and raw organic honey to sweeten the brew. This is our recipe, but make it to your own liking:

1 heaping teaspoon of turmeric per serving
1 teaspoon coconut milk or coconut cream
1/2 teaspoon raw organic local honey
12 to 24 ounces of boiling water

Add turmeric to two cups of boiling water, and simmer for 10 minutes. You may strain the mixture or just leave the chewy residue in the cup, as we do. Pour into cup, and add the coconut cream and honey. Enjoy on a daily basis to reap medicinal benefits.

What patients and colleagues say about Dr. Connie

PatriceI have years of studying and marketing nutritional products. I feel fortunate to have found such a high degree of understanding and application of this special knowledge as I found in the person of Dr. Connie Hernandez. Dr. Connie listens to her patient’s needs, creates a partnershipand takes the whole person into account when considering treatments. I first saw her for general fatigue, menopausal symptoms and insomnia. She was able to balance my hormones and help me restore my energy and create health. I had been working with a severe hypothyroid condition as well and she was the onlyclinician (holistic or allopathic)to offer the proper testing and reading and understanding of the labs.And believe me, I had seen many medical doctors, and their standard medical approach had failed.

-- Patrice, Penn Valley, California

Judy LoringI have worked as a consultant to a number of professional lines of nutritional supplements, functional medicine labs, and homeopathic companies over the past 15 years. In this capacity, I have worked with hundreds of alternative medicine practitioners throughout the Bay Area. I have known Dr. Connie professionally and personally since 1996. Not only is she a wonderful person with great integrity and intention, she is also a unique practitioner who truly embraces the integrative model of natural medicine. Dr. Connie stays on top of the latest innovations in nutritional medicine and applies critical thinking to address the needs of her patients. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and experienced naturopathic doctor to support them through healing and recovery, as well as for preventive health.

- Judy Loring, NC Certified Nutrition Consultant


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