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Shanti & ConnieIn 2001 I moved back to California from a time on the east coast that had led to my developing one of the larger Internal Medicine practices in the country. I felt I knew a lot about medicine; I had been well trained at Stanford University, I loved practicing medicine, I was teaching a lot, I was highly sought after. Life was good!

One of the first people I met when I returned was Dr. Connie Hernandez. She is a Naturopathic physician who had been given my name when she presented a question about a patient of hers to a friend. Although at that time I had never heard of Naturopathy, she and I worked together to solve that patient’s problem, and then quickly made the decision … or had the realization! … that we were meant to be partners in this ministry of healing. And thus began what I soon came to see as a fundamental truth about medicine/healing, and that is that it truly does work best for our patients when practiced as a complementary modality.

Naturopathy is much more subtle than western medicine. It works at a subtler, energetic level to help people heal from the inside out. It is less intense, although not at all less effective. While Dr. Connie and I both practice in a way that respects people and their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, we have a deep respect for these two modalities and how they can come together to offer any one person exactly what they need in that moment to be able to heal. We recognize that they are not at all mutually exclusive as so many others on BOTH sides of this fence might say, but rather they both offer what I have come to see as essential elements towards the healing of any one being. I can honestly say that I couldn’t imagine practicing medicine at this time without the help of a good naturopath, and quite specifically, Dr.Connie.


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